Chicago Weekend

This past weekend I was in Chicago to celebrate my sister, Amy, as she gets ready to marry her high school sweetheart, Tommy, in less than 1 month!  On Saturday I threw her a bachelorette party, complete with penis parafernalia, too much drinking, plenty of dancing.  Sunday I threw her a bridal shower, which was much more tame, but still lovely.  I flew back to LA on Tuesday and my brain is still swimming.

One really special thing that happened while I was home was that my dear friends, Angela and Clayton, asked if Buck and I would be their daughter’s godparents!  I was able to go spend some time with Angela, Clayton and Baby Ilyse and when they asked me, I burst into tears!  This will be my first time as a god parent, and I am excited to learn what it all means.  Angela and I have similar religious backgrounds, which makes me feel better about this role.  Basically, I hope to be a good role model and friend to her as she grows.  When she asks me questions about crafting, or cooking, or sex, I will have solid, well thought out answers with plenty of love and humor.  When she asks me questions about God and what happens to us when we die, I will likely stumble around until she gets annoyed and goes back to her mom.  Buck will be better at fielding questions about God because he isn’t plagued with any Catholic rules or guilt.  I get caught up in trying to find the “right” answer, and because there isn’t one, I get all fumbly.

Other things I did while home:

– Got threading done to my upper lip.  Hurt like heck, but is cheaper than waxing and supposedly lasts longer.  We’ll see…

– Helped Amy accomplish some wedding stuff

– Signed up for a Doula workshop back in LA through Bini Birth (happening this weekend!)

– Tried on my dress for the wedding and didn’t cry.  It actually fit, which is a miracle!

Enjoy some photos from the weekend:

I made the banners out of pretty paper and hung it with yarn. Aren't Amy and Tommy the cutest?!

I got Amy a vibrator, which sufficiently mortified her. The girl partied like a champ!


May 18, 2011. Doula Stuff, Friendship, sisters.

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