A Place for Everything

Do you “have a place for everything?”  I don’t.  I have a place for books (ie: bookshelf), but they usually only stay on it if I don’t touch them.  I have a place for my yarn, but “place for my yarn” be damned when I am in the thick of a project!

I can’t be the only one with the inability to keep things where they should be, right?

While I was home, my BFF Kate had a book from the library about de cluttering your life and even though I don’t remember the name of the book right now (chime in here Kate!), the idea of de cluttering and finding a place for things is really sticking with me.  Whenever I am feeling frantic (now) or like I can’t focus on something (most of the time) I can usually look around and figure out why: every surface in my home is covered and I can’t find anything.

I REALLY want this to change.  Like, now.

I have been cleaning for the past hour, but I realize that I just don’t have the actual tools to help me organize.  For the longest time I had this plan to make fabric containers because I wanted less plastic in my life, and I thought it would be less expensive.  Sure, it costs less money, but it costs more of my time.  Time I can’t seem to find, or rather, WANT to find.  When I have free time, I want to hang with my husband, or read a book, or catch up on shows, or be with friends.  Making a fabric container to hold my husbands socks (we don’t have a dresser) is not high on the list.  Yet every time I open his closet and the mound of socks spills out, I want to punch things.  Someone said to me recently that you have to have a place right by the front door to catch your bag and keys because those are the most important and we’re most likely to lose them if we don’t have a spot RIGHT by the door.

What is the solution? Are there steps to take or rules to follow?

That’s it.  It’s actually a question for YOU, reader and friend.  What do I do?  How do you organize?  What is the name of that friggin’ book (or any others you like)?  And don’t tell me to go to The Container Store and drop a small fortune, cuz I don’t have that.  You CAN tell me to suck it up and just make the freaking boxes!  I would deserve that.


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  1. Katie replied:

    Thanks for the linkie!

    I actually DO have a place for everything. I am constantly collecting containers to put things in, and if I see a “pile,” I find it a home!

    For instance – Chris was leaving all his change on the table (unacceptable), so I got us a piggy bank that sits right by the front door and all change now goes straight into that!

    If you don’t have time to spend making pretty non-plastic containers, do what I do: go to the thrift store and find old glass containers. I, personally, love green glass, but there should be a good selection of cheap containers in a multitude of colors. I keep pens (right next to the pig) in an old vase, fabric scraps in old cookie jars, etc.

    You can do it!

  2. Kate replied:


    It’s called Unstuff Your Life by Andrew Mellen

    And I’m only through about 4 chapters even though I’ve already had to renew the book from the library once. I desperately need to keep going with it!
    It’s a never ending battle but one worth fighting. Good luck!

  3. amy replied:

    suck it up and make the containerrrrrrrrrrs.

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