I want to have my baby in Mexico

Last week I attended a workshop with traditional Mexican Midwife, Naoli Vinaver at BINI Birth and decided that if I can’t go to The Farm to have my baby, I’d like to go to Naoli’s house in Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico and have her be my Midwife.  In my Doula Training I got to see her documentary, Birth Day.  In it she gives birth to her daughter in the bath tub at her house and it was so beautiful.  The woman has helped birth 1300 babies!  I got to spend 8 hours with her (and 70 other Doulas and Midwives from LA and surrounding) talking about sexuality, birth, techniques, and the struggles that Doulas and Midwives face in a culture (ours) where homebirth is seen as “unsafe.”  As a new Doula, it was fascinating to listen to the experienced Doulas tell their stories.  I must have looked like a dope because I think I smiled the entire time.  Being a part of this community is really something special and I feel lucky to be here.

After the workshop, I attended a panel discussion (also at BINI Birth) about VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) in LA.  It was VERY lively and informative.  Did you know that there are literally only 2 doctors in all of Los Angeles that will perform VBAC births?  It sounds like there are midwives who will perform them too, but the numbers are small.  Can you believe that?  In such a HUGE city!  One of the doctors on the panel (one of the two who will perform VBAC in LA) said that it’s just not being taught in medical school anymore, so doctor’s are not comfortable practicing them.  As I learn more about this, I will share it.  For now, I just want to say how interesting the discussion was!

Check out some pics:

Naoli and I

Naoli finds the position of the baby's head from the outside

Naoli listening to the baby's heartbeat in a way no doctor ever would! She showed us the rhythm using her free hand.

Naoli uses paints to paint the position of the baby


Naoli showed us how to use a Rebozo, a rectangular cloth used in Mexico for comfort measures and aid in childbirth

I can’t wait to try out my Rebozo soon!  For now it just acts as a pretty scarf.


June 8, 2011. Doula Stuff.

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  1. List #13 « Katydid Did It replied:

    […] Born on Netflix instant, as well as Orgasmic Birth.  Birth Day is a BEAUTIFUL birth featuring Naoli Viniver who taught me how to use a Rebozo.  Psalm and Zoya is a video showing the (unintentional) […]

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