Finding Perspective (and cute stuff)

“It’s like going to the hardware store and asking for raisins.”

That’s the gem of wisdom that was given to me by my therapist last week and I love it.  It helps me remember that I need to have realistic expectations and that I am not responsible for anyone else.  It’s not my fault that the hardware store doesn’t carry raisins.  I can’t control that, but I can adjust my expectations and go to the raisin store to buy my raisins!  And then everyone wins- the hardware store doesn’t get confused, and I don’t feel let down.  You gotta get what you need from the places and people that can give it- even if it’s not always the place or the person you wanted it to come from.

In other news, I found the owl banks I have been coveting from Urban Outfitters for $1.99!!!!

I also found a cute notebook on sale for my 52 weeks of 52 lists.

I finally found a pair of shorts on the sale rack at JCREW.

Got a SUPER comfy and cute skirt at Old Navy.

Alicia gave me some amazing boots (Thanks Lish!)!

Look out summer!!


June 13, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. Chris replied:

    We can’t shop at Urban Outfitters anymore!
    The owner gives tons of money to Rick Santorum!
    And you know how much we hate Santorum!

  2. Zac Chase replied:

    Wait. You guys have a Raisin Store? Dude, L.A. is whack.

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