Happy 3rd of July!

My friends and I decided to celebrate the 3rd of July together this year so that we can each do what we like on the 4th.  Annie and Josh rent an amazing house in Sherman Oaks and are frequently gracious hosts to our growing group of friends.  They have an awesome backyard with a hammock and a grill and a fire pit (the perfect combination for fun, if you want my opinion).  Andy organized a Ladder Ball tournament that went from 1pm-9pm.  Annie and I were on a team and we managed to play two games that were epically long.  We did not win either of them, but they were really close scores despite the fact that Annie and I are terrible at the game! I made a tomato basil bread salad that needed more juice, but was still tasty.  And vegan brownies that always go fast.

Enjoy some pics:

Katy and Buck in Hammock

The boys trying to rescue a ladder ball


Nom Nom

Our Lovely Host- Annie

Buck + Smore = Happy Boy

Banana Boat: Okay, I know this looks yucky, but hear me out: take a banana, unpeel one section, cut out section of banana, smother section with peanut butter, chocolate and marshmallow, replace peel, wrap in tin foil, place on side of campfire for 10-15 minutes, remove, unwrap, eat inside with spoon, FREAK OUT at how amazing it is!!!

Ending the night with a few rounds of Dominion




July 4, 2011. Tags: , . Baking, Food, Friendship.

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