List #6

Aggh, I had a long post written with explanations for my new list:  10 Things I Want/Need to Let Go Of, but when I went to publish it, everything disappeared!


But maybe the Universe is telling me that I was getting too wordy…I don’t know.

Either way, here is my list:

1.  Responsibility for other people’s happiness.

2.  Five Pairs of Shoes

3.  Unflattering Undies

4.  My Fear of Having a Baby Girl and Messing Her Up

5.  My Nail Biting Habit

6.  Pants That Don’t Fit RIGHT NOW

7.  My Subscription to TIME OUT CHICAGO

8.  Ties to Toxic People

9.  My Aversion to Facebook

10. The Dead Plants In My Window Box



July 14, 2011. 52 lists, 52 weeks.

One Comment

  1. Katie replied:

    Apparently one of the things you needed to get rid of was this post! Hehe – I love this list, it is such a great balance of serious and light-hearted goals, which I think makes it very do-able!

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