Friends in Town

July has been pretty awesome so far!

On the 5th Zac got into town to do his thang with the Freedom Writer’s Foundation down in Long Beach, but on the weekends he comes up to stay with us in LA and we do stuff.  He took me to Miceli’s which was awesome and we went back again last night.  If you have one of these near you, go soon.

Last Sunday when Zac went back down to LB, I headed to the airport to pick up Clayton, Angela and Ilyse- their baby girl/our godchild.  This kid is a seriously happy baby and I am in love.  It was super fun to have a baby in the apartment for 6 days because it showed Buck and I that it might be possible for us to have one of those some day…

We did did a lot of fun stuff, which I am going to tell you about in photo form:

The Welcome to LA Poopy!

Almost didn't get back into LA from San Diego

Happy Baby!

Game Day with Daddy and Buck

Angela made me do this...

Beach Beauties

Baldies unite



Brian realizing he is going to lose


Ps: If you are on Instagram, find me so we can share photos!


July 16, 2011. Friendship.

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