List #7

This weeks list is “Things To Do On A Rainy Day.”

Being in SoCal means that rain storms rarely happen and become a treat when they do.  People from home think I am crazy, and I thought the same of SoCal friends before I moved here, but I truly do miss them.  We don’t get big lightening or thunder here, and that is sad.  Some of my favorite days in Chicago were waking up, realizing it’s raining, cracking the window, and grabbing my book.  Buck and I would read, doze, get up for food, bring it back to bed and continue reading and dozing through the day.  When we were in college and a good storm would come our way, we’d jump in the car and drive out to the cornfields to watch it roll in.  The lightening scared me, but it was so beautiful to watch.

So, this list topic is a fun one for me, although I kept it short because there really are limited things I do when it’s rainy- mostly because I cherish it so much and try not to fill up my day DOING things.  It’s an excuse to NOT do, and I love that.

Read in bed.  A novel is great, but anything will do.

Catch up on podcasts.  My favorites are: This American Life, The Story, Radio Lab, and The Moth.

Sew.   Sew Mama Sew usually has fun, easy patterns in a pinch!

Take Multiple Mid Day Naps.  There is nothing as nice as being under a down comforter with the windows cracked, a slight chill coming through, and the sound and smell of rain taking over your sense.  Bliss.

Snuggle.  A loved one is great to snuggle with, but I also hear babies and dogs are fun.  I’ve even snuggled a pillow and been pretty happy.

Storm Chase. Only really fun if you are in a rural area and are safe.  Getting picked up by a tornado is not something I am endorsing.

Bake.  Here are some of my faves:  Vegan Chocolate Fudge Muffins, Vegan Vanilla Bean Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache, Peanut Butter Cups.  I bake and cook vegan and these recipes are awesome!  The PB cupcakes are best if you keep them in the freezer!

Lament not buying cute rain boots.  In December, SoCal got something like 10 inches of rain and it was BRUTAL.  I was doing work at a theatre at the time and on the 4th day of constant rain, I HAD to leave the house to go to the theatre and thought my tennis shoes would be fine.  No.  Wrong.  BAD choice.  I was SOAKED within 2 minutes of being outside, with no time to turn around to change- not that I had anything to change into because I never think I will need rain boots, so I never buy any!  Having sopping wet feet is a terrible feeling, and I will not turn away from rain boots next time I see them.  But seriously, why are cute ones so expensive?

Get a hot coffee treat.  Coffee treat to me means something with chocolate and whip cream and maybe chocolate sprinkles on top.  Rainy days are the very best time to get those.

Next week I will be a guest blogger over at Get the Words Out for list #8!

List #7


July 17, 2011. 52 lists, 52 weeks, Baking, Crafts, Food, Recipes.

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