I can DO

On the last day of my Doula Training Class Ana Paula had us sing a song.  I am not a singer.  In fact, I break into a small sweat and try to find an excuse to leave the room when group singing is suggested (which is rare, but in my theatrical group of friends, it does happen).  I do LOVE to sing, but only in the privacy of my car or bathroom.  In college it was required that acting majors audition for the musical every year.  It was the most humbling experience because I would watch the faces of teachers I respected start out looking so hopeful and melt into a frown of pity.  This is why it took me 29 years to do kareoke.

But having spent an amazing weekend in the hands of Ana Paula, I didn’t want to miss out on the last few moments I had in the blissful bubble of doula sisterhood, so I hunkered down and prayed that no one would judge me too harshly.

Here are the lyrics to the song:

“It is a brave thing I do

Making a wave for you

I am strong

I can do

What it takes so that you can come through”

Singing with my sisters is a memory I cherish a lot, and from time to time I play the recording I made of our group song and smile (don’t worry ladies- I am not going to post it online).

I love the double meaning of the line “I can do what it takes so that you can come through.”  I can do what mama needs to help her baby to come through the birth canal, but I can also do what it takes for mama to feel comfortable enough to “get primal,” as Ana Paula likes to say.  I can do all sorts of things to help her feel safe enough to forget where she is and just tune into her body.  I can DO, and that is my favorite thing about this work.  There is PLENTY to do at every step of the way, and even if that “doing” is just holding hands or blocking the door so mom can rest, I know there is value in that.


August 10, 2011. Doula Stuff.

One Comment

  1. Tara replied:

    Katy, I’m so proud of you, it’s so wonderful
    watching you discovering this new path that you are so passionate about. Xoxo T

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