List #11

List #11: Things I Will Miss About Summer

Being that, compared to Chicago, it always feels like summer in Southern California, I have a hard time thinking of things I will miss, but here goes:

  • Being able to call my friends and family that are teachers/students any time of day. 
  • Peaches
  • Feeling okay about being lazy
  • Basil
  • Tomatoes

I am going to stop here because I really cannot think of anything else.  I have been sitting here for almost an hour trying to think of things!  I don’t even LOVE summer that much!  I live in a part of the country that is warm MOST of the time and we don’t get those fantastic rain storms that I really love about summer.  I don’t own a bathing suit, and I fear skin cancer, so going to the beach isn’t something I’m really into.  I really love Fall, so I am actually pretty thrilled that summer is ending!

Maybe if the list was changed to “Things I really loved about this summer” I could do better…

  • Amy and Tommy’s wedding (which I still need to write about!)
  • Having the Duba- Mobley family out for a visit
  • Spending nearly every weekend of July with Zac
  • Seeing so many great movies
  • Going to San Diego for the first time
  • Making Doula Friends
  • Working on 100 Pushups with Buck
  • All the cooking I did
  • Reading The Hunger Games series
  • Wearing Dresses and skirts
  • New iPhone
  • Seeing my family and friends
  • Accepting my limitations
  • Setting boundaries I feel good about
  • The Beauty CULTure Exhibit
  • Hearing great news from my friends

Yeah, that’s more like it.


August 16, 2011. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. amy replied:

    things i’m going to miss about summer:
    – not spending my waking hours devoted to second graders
    – staying up laaaate
    – Pretty Little Liars
    – Being a new new newly wed
    – rainyness

    Things i really loved about summer:
    – my wedding!
    – seeing you and buck!
    – going to mexico!
    – calling tommy my husband!
    – becomming a second grade teacher!
    – seeing the help!
    – reading 10 books!
    – seeing my friends!

    Things i am not going to miss:
    – june bugs
    – cicadas
    – staying up late (it’s a love hate relationship)
    – the freaking heat

    love you!

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