I Was Hired!

I was hired…by people who haven’t known me for 20 years…to…be at their birth…which is going to happen…AT THEIR HOME!!  Can you tell that I am excited?  CUZ I AM!

First there is the “getting hired” part.  That was thrilling! And let me share something with you: Interviewing to be someone’s Doula is WAY different than, say, interviewing to be the Marketing Coordinator for Whole Foods Market.  For the WFM interview, I needed to look as cute and professional as possible, and I had to talk about myself as much as I could, because that’s what you are supposed to do in the corporate world- sell YOURSELF.  But in the (beautiful) Doula world, listening is key, looking too cute can make a preggy mama feel insecure, and working from a place of “I want you to have the best person by your side, even if it’s not me” is ESSENTIAL.  This is not a selfish work we do.  It is truly my belief that I was put here to be a Doula and to Doula very specific women.  I don’t know who they are yet- we haven’t met (or maybe we have…)- but we will when it’s time.

Tara and Steve were my first clients, and Tara and I have been friends for over 20 years.  When she hired me, it was over brunch at her baby shower.  It was exciting and easy and SO special to me that she wanted me there.  There was no interview because we already knew each other!  And I certainly do not mean to diminish that experience simply because we do know each other, but there is something astounding to me that someone who doesn’t know me well would want to have me at one of the most intimate events of their life.  I am overwhelmed with the honor and I instantly put this family into my heart.  They will be my second birth and my first home birth (assuming nothing comes up before November) and that is so special to me.

The weekend that they hired me, I had been in a workshop about how to start a Doula business taught by the talented Tracy Hartley.  If you are a Doula in the area and need some guidance, go to her workshop.  I literally walked out of it Sunday at 5pm, drove to my interview, spent just over an hour with the family, and got the email the next day letting me know I was hired.  It was amazing!

And to tell you the truth, I walked out of the interview feeling a little frustrated that I didn’t say some of the things I intended to say.  And this wasn’t anyone’s fault but my own!  I just get so interested in hearing their story, their expectations and fears, that I forget until the end to talk about my services (which are a work in progress anyway) and then rush to get it out!  But I learned a really valuable lesson: listening is my strength and it will work in my favor as a Doula.  And thank GAWD cuz if there are two things I love in life (besides my husband and ice cream) its listening and helping people.


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  1. theskyandback replied:

    What wonderful, exciting news! Congrats!

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