Taking a Breath

Here is what I have noticed- when I have a LOT to share, I put off blogging, journaling, and responding to emails.  I just want to get it all out and I want to take my time doing it, or rather it seems like it will take a long time to do it, and so I put it off.  And off.  And off again.  And before I know it, one week has gone by and I have blogger/journaler/emailer shame riding on my shoulders!

So, here is a list of the things I plan to get out on this here blog:

  • Recap of Amy’s wedding (it was so fun!!)
  • I was hired!
  • Finding the right Doula for you
  • I found the most raddest doctor on the planet!
  • I got to hear Carrie Contey speak and my world is a better place because of it
  • 100 Pushups
  • Meeting myself where I am
  • Diva Cup

Whew- it feels so much better to put it down!

If you are having trouble getting something done because you are feeling overwhelmed, or dread, or hesitation- ask yourself where it is coming from.  If it’s feeling overwhelmed, make a list and if there are things on that list that your partner, kids, friends, or minions can help you with, ask them.  Delegating is so important!  Post the list where everyone can see it and ask them to pick a task (or two) that they would like.  Make them feel like THEY get a choice, and they will feel better about helping you!

If it’s dread or just plain hesitation, determine what that is all about.  Don’t judge yourself for it- just name it and then find ways to do what you can.  Try tackling the task for a little bit each day (set a timer if you have to), or recognize if there is someone else that might be better at handling the task, and ask for help to- say it with me- DELEGATE!

Either way, know that everything works out eventually and a few deep breaths can go a really long way.


August 20, 2011. Random.

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