List #12

Happy Monday!

Buck and I went movie hopping last night and saw Crazy, Stupid, Love and The Help.  That Emma Stone can ACT ya’ll!  Both movies were so great and totally worth seeing in the theater.  I read The Help a while back and fell in love with the book.  The movie stayed pretty true to it, which I appreciated, and the performances were outstanding.  Go have yourself a date night and see them!

Okay, on to the list:

Eight Wonderful, Stunning Things That You Do Not Know About Me

*disclaimer: some of you may know these, and not all of them are “wonderful” or “stunning.”

1.  I don’t believe in boredom.  My high school physics teacher was this wonderfully weird lady, and although I did terribly in her class, I took one thing she said away with me: “Boredom is the product of an inept imagination.”  And I agree with her.  One fun game I used to play in college (in my head) if I found myself uninterested in the topic being droned on about, I would make up stories or background about the person talking- try to imagine who they are on the weekend, what their favorite color is, what their house looks like, what makes them laugh or cry.  It was always interesting to me and then I felt like I “knew” them better and tended to pay more attention to what they were saying.

2.  I eat a lot of chocolate chips.  Well, I am sure I eat a lot more than you think I do.  Many of you who know me believe me to be a health nut.  While that is partially true- I do love clean, nutritious food- I also have an addition to Trader Joe’s Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips (which are vegan thankyouverymuch).

3.  I always have these five things with me:  Wallet, phone, water bottle, chapstick, lotion.

4.  I joined Facebook.  Here’s the truth: I joined Facebook because I am starting my Doula business and I realize that there are connections to be made and fostered using the site.  My intention was only to set up a business page, but it looks like you can only do that if you have a personal page, or at least that’s how I was “tricked” into it.  Lot’s of people think I am silly for being so freaked out by being on the site, but I can’t seem to shake it.  I enjoy about 10 minutes of seeing how people are doing, but then get totally freaked and have to shut it off.  Baby steps into social networking…(Feel free to “Like” my page if you haven’t already: Doula By Heart)

5. I don’t believe TV belongs in a bedroom.  That space is for two things: Sleep and…not sleep…and TV interrupts both.  I suppose it could enhance one of those things…

6.  I have jumped out of a plane.  (and crash landed AND didn’t break anything!)

7.  I don’t own a microwave!  Wow- it’s been over a year since we had one, and I actually really like living without it.

8.  I am taking prenatal vitaminsAnd that’s about all I am going to say about that!  =)


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One Comment

  1. Katie replied:

    What what what!! #8?!

    I just caught up on your blog from the last week – congratulations on everything! Life is good, and you guys were missed this weekend!

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