I Found the Most Raddest Doctor on the Planet

And her name is Deborah Gleisner.

And she is a Naturopathic Doctor.

And I love her.

What is a Naturopathic Doctor?  Besides, awesome, she (or he) is a doctor with an integrative approach to healthcare that takes the whole body into consideration to promote healing, disease prevention and overall wellness.  She gave me a binder with information and that is a condensed version of what it says.

The bullet points on page one say this about their practice:

  • First Do No Harm
  • Support the Body’s Inherent Ability to Heal
  • Identify and Treat the Cause
  • The Doctor as Teacher
  • Treat the Whole Person
  • Emphasize Prevention

For me, this is GOLD.

Not only is Dr. Gleisner a Naturopathic Doctor, but she is also a Midwife who does home birth, AND she does pediatric care!  So not only can I go to her for my general wellness, but also she can deliver my babies AT HOME, and then treat my babies when they need it!

Our visit was everything I have ever wanted in a visit: an hour of uninterrupted time where we talk about the 7-page questionnaire that I filled out (and actually enjoyed doing so) and then I had my exam.  She made suggestions, filled in gaps of information where I had them, and made me feel comfortable to talk about anything with her.  Now, I should say this: I really care about my health and love being in tune with my body. I also avoid doctors because I don’t like NOT being listened to, and I don’t want to put chemicals in or on my body.  She really listened to what I had to say, explained everything she was doing and why she was doing it, took my worries into consideration, and then talked with me about how we could work together to handle them.

As a part time Vegan, full time Vegetarian, we talked in length about my diet and how it will affect my ability to carry a baby, and be healthy in general.  She drew some blood to check my iron stores, vitamin D and wanted to see if I am anemic.  I got the results back today: my iron stores are low, as is my vitamin D, but I am not anemic- yay!  And her suggestions?  That I eat iron rich foods, get on an iron supplement if I like, and take some vitamin D drops.  She educated me about the difference in supplements, and in her handy binder there is tons of great information on promoting health through food, rest, and activity.

And she emails!

Overall, I feel really taken care of, and that was only the first visit.  I actually look forward to seeing her again, although I hope it’s only under positive circumstances.

If you are in the LA area and are looking for a great doctor, please call her.  She is in Hollywood now, but moving her office to Marina Del Rey sometime soon.

Dr. Deborah Gleisner


We drive the same car =)


August 26, 2011. Tags: , , , , , , , . Birth, LA.


  1. Angela Renee replied:

    i am jealous. i would love a doctor like that. i’ll do some chicago research. you’re car picture is too funny.

  2. Lish replied:

    She recommends vitamin D in drop form? I gotta get back on that train…

    • katydiddidit replied:

      Yes, you do! I took them in drop form back in Chicago- they don’t taste like anything (although I think you can get lemon flavored) and they last forever. I think the bottle I got from Merz on Lincoln was around $20, but it lasted me a year.

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