List #13

Things I Love About My Job

On a day like today, I am struggling to find anything I love about my Apartment Manager job.  If the list was “Everything I Hate About My Job” I would have a list too long for you to enjoy reading!

But here is something I have learned: when I start to feel frustrated and begin throwing walls up, that is the PERFECT time to start listing the positives because it busts up all those stubborn feelings.

And because I work so many jobs lately (actually, always), I am going to make a few lists.

Here goes:

Things I Love About my Job: Apartment Managing

  • The flexibility
  • Living in a large apartment with a view of palm trees
  • My new found knowledge about plumbing, painting, and repair work
  • All the hard working vendors I get to work with!
  • Meeting nice people
  • Helping people find a home they love

Things I Love About My Job: Babysitting

  • Holding babies
  • Hugs and kisses
  • When I am playing with Asha and she clarifies, “It’s just pretend Kate!  I am not really a unicorn.”
  • When Akira shows me how to do something new she’s learned at camp or school
  • When Charlie smiles
  • When Olivia puts her head on my shoulder
  • Singing silly songs
  • Teaching a little one something new
  • Learning something new from a little one

Things I Love About My Job: Doula

*Note about videos: you can stream The Business of Being Born on Netflix instant, as well as Orgasmic Birth.  Birth Day is a BEAUTIFUL birth featuring Naoli Viniver who taught me how to use a Rebozo.  Psalm and Zoya is a video showing the (unintentional) unassisted birth of twins, one of which was BREECH!  I don’t think it’s for sale anymore, but if you can see a copy- do it!

Okay, so, yes, that did help, and I do feel better!

Enjoy your holiday weekend!


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  1. Lisa Deck replied:

    First of all, the unicorn comment made me laugh out loud. Kids are so funny, aren’t they? Second, thanks for the heads up on the birth videos. I have seen Business of Being Born and Orgasmic Birth, but I’m excited to check out the other two. Have you seen Pregnant in America? That’s another good one. :)L

  2. Lish replied:

    Another thing to love about babysitting: when they’re toddlers and they get scared and run for hugs.

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