Watch a Live Birth

UPDATE:  Nancy had her baby boy last night and it was so beautiful!  She was really focused and I felt so grateful that she shared this moment in her life.  I found it fascinating to watch her process and really learned a lot.  Thank you Nancy!


So, there are TONS of birth videos online for you to watch- TONS!  Many are scary, some are dramatic, ALL of them are beautiful in their own way.  One thing I run up against in my work as a Doula is the fear women have about giving birth, and it’s mostly because movies and television have taught us that birth goes like this:

–  Mom is standing in the kitchen making dinner, 9 months pregnant.

–  All of a sudden, there is splash of water hitting the floor as her water breaks.

–  There is a lot of running around as mom and dad get into the car and rush to the hospital.

– By the time they arrive at the hospital, mom is screaming, she can’t walk, she is sweating, and screaming obscenities at her partner.

–  In a few more minutes, she is red faced, on her back in the hospital bed, and pushing out her baby.

–  Baby is delivered to her with eyes wide open, totally clean and pink.

Folks, this is not how it happens…EVER.  In fact, the number of women whose labors begin with her water breaking is small…I wanna say, like, 10%, but I am not totally sure that is correct, so don’t quote me.

Anyway, if you’d like to see a real home birth, check out this link.  Dr. Nancy Salgueiro is allowing us to sign up to see the homebirth of her third child- how cool is that?!

Here is what she says on her site:

Here’s what you will gain by watching my home birth live:

  • Be invited into a home birth
  • See how a woman behaves in labor
  • Create a new visual blueprint for what birth can be like
  • Watch how birth unfolds, you can never know what to expect
  • See a great support team in action
  • Witness how children experience birth (my 2 and 5 year old will be there)
  • Debunk the giant myth about birth being an emergency and why it’s untrue

So, go to this link, sign up, and you will be notified when her birth begins.  You will receive a link to the live feed and can see what real birth looks like!

I bet you’ll be surprised.


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  1. theskyandback replied:

    OMG, this sounds really cool. But I still don’t know if I can watch it!

  2. Nancy Salgueiro replied:

    Thank you for the post. I could not have said it better.

  3. Kaurina Danu replied:

    Brilliant post! You described tv births to the tee. I’m a doula and prenatal teacher and I can’t begin to describe how important it is to start my classes with pulling apart all those tv images that have shaped or mishaped women’s beliefs about birth. Nancy Salgueiro is so brave for putting something so private out for the sake of educating people. Here’s hoping more people start learning what the natural birth process is really like!

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