Still here…

Hi.  I’m still here, just got SUPER busy all of a sudden and I need to get organized before I can write any kind of thoughtful post about anything.

I have really missed writing, so in an effort to touch back, I thought I’d share the list of things I’ve been crazy with:

  • Had my 2nd birth last week!
  • Organizing an event with BINI Birth (Phyllis Klaus is coming to town!)
  • Working with BINI on a larger scale
  • Planning for next two births
  • Interviewing for MORE births (yay!)
  • Got rid of one apartment
  • Picked up another (booo)
  • Maintaining sanity by cooking, walking, seeing friends
  • NOT freaking out that Buck is going to be out of work in a few weeks (the restaurant he works at is closing)
  • Workshops
  • Reading (of course)
  • Assisting Alisha Tambourri in her Hypnobirthing class

Here is what is on my list that is bound to just make me crazier (but in a good way- always good):

  • Knitting (need to find a free pattern to make a hat like this for Zac)
  • Gifts for clients
  • Rent units at new building
  • Make Rebozo cheat sheet
  • Make bread
  • Make veggie stock
  • Do some canning before the season is gone (unless it already is…)
  • Read this book
  • Make Doula By Heart logo (anyone know anyone who does this kind of thing?)
  • Get a consistent yoga practice going FOR PEETS SAKE!!!!

Oh my…there is more, but if I keep going, I may have an anxiety attack!

Life is busy, which is so good.  I think back to a year ago and feel so blessed that I am in this place.  I am not good at journaling, but I do like to go back to check on my “progress, “and I was a sad lady for a while there!  I actually pinch myself everyday because I know how lucky I am to be on this course.


September 22, 2011. Random.


  1. theskyandback replied:

    Glad you are busy and happy. I started to get worried when I hadn’t seen a post from you in a while. I almost emailed Zac to see if you were ok, but then told myself I was probably being a worry-wart, as usual! Congrats on your second birth, woo!

  2. Rachel replied:

    I have the same book on my reading check list! 🙂

  3. Katie replied:

    You are the busiest lady! Where are you guys living now?

    Also – my sister, Meghan, is a budding graphic designer and just did my blog logo. I just talked to her and she said she’d be willing to do your logo for a reasonable price, since she’s just starting to get her portfolio together! She said you should email her:

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