List #16

I am a bit behind, so this one is going to be a quickie on the fly!  Normally I like to look at the topic, give myself a few days to come up with a thoughtful list, and then write the blog.  Because I am a week behind, I am going to try something new and just look at the list now and blog it NOW!  Crazy- I know, but here we go…

My Life To Do List

(To Be Completed Within the Near Future)

(Kellie describes this as a To Do List that is for her overall life and not to be done TODAY, just sometime soon.  Love it!)

  • Set up my website.
  • Find a way to organize my work.  I just took over managing another small building and I am working with BINI in a bigger way, as well as running my own doula business, so my brain is hurting a little.  I know if I can just get some cute notebooks I will feel a LOT better!
  • Finish the 100 pushups program.  We are ALMOST there!  Week 5 has been restarted twice and is about get get another restart.  Oy!
  • Send out birthday cards to the 20 people I missed this summer.  Where the heck did the summer go?  And why were so many of you born in those months???
  • Make my balcony look nice. Here is what it looks like now:

No fancy formatting could make it look better...I can't really believe I am showing this to you- it's SO bad! My poor direct sunlight.

  • Find a gift for my Grandmother’s 80th Birthday.  Any and all gift ideas welcome!  I really want to make her feel special and I can’t get home for the occasion, so a good gift needs to be sent.
  • Make veggie stock.  My favorite recipe is here.  Warning: once you make this, you will NEVER want to buy store bought stock again.  Proceed with caution.

Okay, that feels like a good list!  I bet I could get this all done in October….


September 25, 2011. 52 lists, 52 weeks.

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