List #19

Contrary to what I am portraying, I really like blogging!  But I’ve been insane lately.  Insanely busy trying to keep up with 3 jobs (2 of which I really like!), support people I love, and trying to remember to breathe in and out.  I am not complaining- at all.  I know I’ve got it good.  I just wanted you to know that it is not for lack of wanting to blog…just lack of energy/time/ideas/brains.

But having these weekly lists gives me a great sense of security because I know that once per week I will actually have something to blog about that doesn’t require more of me than I can give.

So, here we go:

List #19: “ME in a list…the good, the bad, the weird, the quirky”

  • I am a nail biter, and I wish I wasn’t, but I don’t do enough to kick the habit.
  • I love the combination of pineapple juice and gingerale.
  • I recently discovered that by putting socks on when I go to bed, I sleep SO much better!
  • I love reading cookbooks, but I don’t love watching cooking shows.
  • I can hold my breath underwater for a really long time.
  • I am a messy person.
  • I don’t collect anything, and I worry that it means something about me..
  • I really love getting my hair cut!
  • I really like building things.  Working with Habitat for Humanity in high school and in college taught me so much (mostly that hammering things is really fun and you should not wear sandals to a work site).
  • I believe compassion is a muscle and I work on building it as often as possible.
  • When I was little, I wanted to be an Olympic gold medalist for swimming.
  • I love the smell of coriander and wish there was a perfume with it’s scent.
  • I am grossed out by mold and by bathrooms.  When there is mold in a bathroom, forget it- I’m traumatized.
  • I love surprises!
  • In my life I have hit the following things with my car: a garbage can, 2 lamp posts, 1 column.  I have also been hit by other cars, and one time, I was riding my bike down the street and, distracted by the way my pool towel made my shadow look like I was wearing an Indian headdress, hit the back of my mom’s car, causing me to tumble up and over it a la Stacy in the movie Wayne’s World (“Hiiii Wayne…Hiiii Garth…” CRASH!)
  • I do not have a green thumb.
  • I am afraid of and inspired by the ocean.
  • I (finally) like living in California.
  • I need to go to bed…now.

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List #18

Ten Things I Love About Sundays

  • Farmer’s Markets.  The Hollywood Farmer’s Market is nearby and it’s a decent size.  I like to go toward the end of the day when they are giving things away for cheaper.
  • The idea of sleeping in.  I usually don’t get to/let myself, but just knowing that it might be an option is pretty nice.
  • Coffee.  Is it just me, or does it taste better on Sundays?
  • Having Buck home.  That hasn’t happened much lately because he is in rehearsal for Peace in Our Time (opens soon!)
  • Sunday Skype.  We don’t do it anymore, but Amy and I used to Skype on Sundays.  We should pick that back up…
  • Menu Planning.  Ideally this is done prior to Sunday, but I never remember.

Oh man, I have to tell you- coming up with 10 things is taking FOR-EVER.  And this might be the most boring list I have ever made!  Sundays are not much different from any other day of my week.  I usually have to have an open house to try to rent apartments that are vacant, and that requires showering and not relaxing.  There are very few things that are consistent about Sundays for me.

  • The idea that I can “start fresh” with a new week.  I like telling myself this on Sunday nights.
  • Listening to This American Life.
  • Marathons.  Most races are held on Sundays, but I always loved The Bank of America Chicago Marathon (although in MY day it was The LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon, but whatever).  This Sunday over 30,000 people will be running 26.2 miles through the beautiful city of Chicago (I hear the leaves are turning and I can only imagine how nice the scent of fall is).  The majority of those runners will be first time marathoners and I am excited for them!  It’s an empowering race and I loved both of my Chicago experiences.

Jess Vig and I early in the race- 2006. It was 40 degrees and snowing!

Amy and I after I finished the race. It's so awesome to have supporters along the route!

  • Donut Day.  When I was little, Sunday was considered “Donut Day” in my house.  My dad would go fuel up the cars for the week and on his way home he would get a dozen donuts from Dunkin Donuts.  We all had our favorites:  Mom was Boston Creme; Amy was chocolate long john; Dad was jelly (actually, he didn’t discriminate); I went for the double chocolate and a big glass of milk for dunkin.  We don’t have donut day in our house, but Buck often petitions to get it back.  Find me a vegan donut shop, honey, and you’re on!

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List #17

Ways to Stay Creative and Inspired

  • Take walks.  I prefer to walk with people, but sometimes a solitary walk with some good tunes can really rev the engines.
  • See a baby born.  I know I get to do this as part of my job (!), but if you ever get the opportunity to witness this miracle, DO IT.  Don’t be freaked out by notions of fluids and gore.  It’s insanely awesome and you shouldn’t miss out.
  • See some live music.  It is my goal to see Adele and Florence + the Machine (together?  Now that would be awesome!) in a SMALL venue where I can see their groove.  Seeing Tori Amos rock out is pretty inspiring.  As is Prince.  That man can MOVE ya’ll.
  • Sew or knit a new pattern.  
  • Bake some bread.  I’ve been on a major bread baking kick lately, and it makes me feel really good to do this simple task.
  • See the ocean.  This makes me feel inspired every time!

October 6, 2011. 52 lists, 52 weeks. 1 comment.