List #17

Ways to Stay Creative and Inspired

  • Take walks.  I prefer to walk with people, but sometimes a solitary walk with some good tunes can really rev the engines.
  • See a baby born.  I know I get to do this as part of my job (!), but if you ever get the opportunity to witness this miracle, DO IT.  Don’t be freaked out by notions of fluids and gore.  It’s insanely awesome and you shouldn’t miss out.
  • See some live music.  It is my goal to see Adele and Florence + the Machine (together?  Now that would be awesome!) in a SMALL venue where I can see their groove.  Seeing Tori Amos rock out is pretty inspiring.  As is Prince.  That man can MOVE ya’ll.
  • Sew or knit a new pattern.  
  • Bake some bread.  I’ve been on a major bread baking kick lately, and it makes me feel really good to do this simple task.
  • See the ocean.  This makes me feel inspired every time!


October 6, 2011. 52 lists, 52 weeks.

One Comment

  1. Katie replied:

    Oh, the ocean, how I can’t wait to be near you!

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