Happy Birthday

Today is my 30th Birthday.

It’s a day that I have been looking forward to for a long time.  Some people get anxious about turning 30.  I did not.  Why?  Because I have witnessed the awesome power of the 30’s in my friends that have gone before me.  The 30’s have been good to so many amazing women in my life and they laid the foundation for my belief that the 30’s are nothing to fear.  In fact, they are to be revered, and so I do.  Revere them, that is.

Today is also my baby sisters 24th birthday.

When I turned 6 years old, I got a baby sister for my birthday.  Yes, I chose it, and yes I was a little bummed when I realized I wouldn’t be getting a birthday party, but in spite of that, she was, and still is, the best present I ever received.


I learned so much from being a big sister, particularly HER big sister.  Amy was always a really creative, sensitive, and strong willed kid.  When our older sister, Chris, moved out, Amy cried for days and said one of my favorite lines of all time: “It feels like a piece of my heart is missing.”  I mean, come ON!  How cute is that?!  It took all I had to nod knowingly and not burst out laughing at the adorableness of a 5 year old saying that.

At night, when I would tuck her in, she would ask me to give her a dream and I would whisper in her ear all the fun things I could think of- flying, fairies, talking animals.  We also made up a series of kisses that we would do at night, all based off the classic Eskimo Kiss (where you rub noses):

  • Bunny Kiss: this was a wrinkling of the noses will kissing cheeks
  • Lion Kiss: rubbing cheeks together
  • Chicken Kiss: jutting our heads forward while giving quick kisses, like pecking each others faces, but with kisses
  • Butterfly Kiss: fluttering eye lashes on each others’ cheeks
  • and our favorite:
  • Bumble Bee Kiss: doing a series of three kisses on each cheek while making a humming/buzzing sound

To this day, we still sign cards and emails with “BBK” for Bumble Bee Kisses, and it makes me so happy.


A regular ole kiss on the cheek

Amy recently reminded me that I used to hang a sign in her bedroom that counted down the days until our birthday.

Ames- there are ZERO days until our birthday! Today is our day, and although we aren’t celebrating in person, I know that we are always connected. Sometimes it feels like a piece of MY heart is missing because we are so far apart, but I am so glad that you are that piece of my heart.  You are one of my favorite people in the world and I am so proud to be your sister.

Oh, and I didn’t get you a card, so… you know, pretend this is it, okay?

I love you.




At the Taste of Chicago


With my sisters at my rehearsal dinner


Safety first!


First time Amy came out to a bar with her older sisters =)


Silly faces


Twins six years apart- even when we sleep


Amy came to support me at both the Chicago marathons I ran.


Amy’s bachelorette party


Passed out after a fun wedding




The night Amy and Tommy got engaged


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New Moon Gathering

It’s 12:46am and I should be fast asleep, but I am up late working on a video for a doula client, and there is bread rising, so I thought I would stay up and write about the amazing New Moon Gathering I went to last weekend.

First, I’ll tell you this: I am a little nervous you are going to judge me when you read this post. Here are the things I am worried you will think:

“Kate’s a weirdo.”

“Kate moved to LA and became a feminist hippy.”

“Kate’s gone off the deep end.”

And mostly I am afraid you are going to roll your eyes.

Well, now that I’ve put it out there, I guess it’s not the worst thing in the world if those things happen.  I AM weird sometimes, I have always been a feminist AND a bit of hippy, and, no, I haven’t gone off the deep end.  Also, you are at your computer and I am at mine, so go ahead and roll those eyes if you wanna!

My history with female friends is a short one and a simple one: I have always had a very small group of them. I made friends in college, but still kept a close circle. In my adult life, those ladies that I was very close with in grade school, high school, college and post college, I am still close to many of them. Yes, of course I made more girl friends as I grew up, but I wasn’t always comfortable at all female gatherings. Bachelorette parties gave me anxiety. The Girls Night I had on a regular basis in Chicago contained four of us, and I liked it that way. I was mostly friends with boys because the aforementioned judgement seems to be more prevalent in groups of girls. And that makes me feel yucky.

So when my friend Monica suggested we go to a New Moon Gathering, I was interested because it’s the Taurus New Moon (and that’s me!), but a little nervous that we might have to dance around a fire and drink a strange Kool Aid. (Spoiler Alert: that’s not what happens)

The history of moon gatherings dates back to our Native American roots. They began in the “red tent” and were a time for women to gather and celebrate their power.

“When a woman is having her moon, her blood is flowing, and this blood is full of mysterious powers that are related to childbearing. At this time, she is particularly powerful…a woman’s power and a man’s are opposites, not in a necessarily bad way, but in a good way. Because of the power a woman has during this time, it is best that, out of respect for her men and for their medicinal trinkets and beliefs, she stay away from them. During this time, the men would often build a small lodge for the woman while other female relatives serve on her needs.”- The Spirit of the Indian Woman by Judith Fitzgerald

Over time, women were taught that their periods were dirty and encouraged to hide them away and not permitted to gather. From a young age many of us are given all sorts of products to hide our periods, keep it clean, and given methods to stop it all together. All of this is bothersome to me now because I have learned a heck of a lot since I got my first period at age 11 thankyouverymuch, but for most of my life I thought that was all normal.

A modern day New Moon Gathering is a time to be with women during the new moon, and to nurture our friendships and collective power.

When Monica discovered that she could not go with me to the moon gathering, I was nervous. I really wanted to go, but not sure I wanted to go by myself. I wouldn’t know anyone, and it was in Ojai (which is an hour and a half north), and I don’t usually go to things where I don’t know anyone. But I REALLY wanted to go…and so I did!

Here is the description about this new moon.  I hope you enjoy it and take some time to honor yourself!  I’ll write more about the actual gathering at another time.

Taurus New Moon~ Body (and Earth) as Temple

From the moment the full moon in Libra rose last week until the June 6th transit with the sun, Venus is holding the celestial spotlight.

The month of May, mid-spring, has always been center stage for the sensual Goddess, ruling her most comfortable sign, fixed earth Taurus. The sign of the bull maintains and venerates the physical. The body, the senses, the flowers, trees, animals, anything that is visceral and can be touched, smelled and tasted awakens the earth mother. This is the cycle of fertility for all living beings and fecundity has been celebrated by humans for millenia. Sadly, our current society (meaning the last few thousand years) has overall been more disconnected from the power of life and nature than any culture before; and that separation does not seem to be creating more love, joy and peace in the world, does it?

Venus is getting a lot of attention this year, not only with her usual April full moon cameo and regular season of worship in May, she is also next to go retrograde and is an integral part of both the Mayan and Cherokee prophecies for 2012, which includes her completing an eight year solar transit when she crosses the sun on June 6th.

If I were to say there is just one thing we could collectively do to bring more harmony and balance in such chaotic times, it would be to make a regular practice of honoring Venus.

Like, NOW.

The Taurus new moon is Saturday April 21st, and precedes another intense eclipse cycle over the summer. That feels to me like Venus giving us a chance to ground through sweet physical practices, surround ourselves with the people, places and things that bring beauty to our lives and sustain the mutable time ahead through gratitude, connection, community and love.

The concept that came to me as I admired Venus in the sky (as her planet self and as the energy behind the full moon) was the saying “my body is a temple.” I don’t know if that phrase came from the earth, sky or from within myself, but it could truly be said for all three, and that is my intention for this month and those that follow.

How would you treat yourself and the planet differently if you really believed they were temples? I mean, have you ever walked into a space and just wanted to fall to your knees and weep in reverence? That is my reaction to seeing a Red Wood or Sequoia, to standing at the ocean, climbing the red rocks of New Mexico or entering the cathedrals of Italy or Spain. I have always felt that “temples” can be made by hand or nature, as long as the intention upon entering is to worship. What temples have you honored in your time? How can you create that feeling in your own form and the places you call home?

Could you eat better? Maybe this month is the time to plant that garden of veggies and herbs, or find a farmer’s market. Have you been meaning to switch to natural in your cleaning, bathing, beauty or home products? Start researching your options. Have you wanted to find a more joyful community? Get into massage, or crafting? There are groups all over this city! What actions can you take to bring more beauty into your life, and into the world around you? I have friends working in community gardens, meeting monthly to align their chakras, doing book clubs, planting trees, hiking in groups, biking to work together, taking time for the spa, learning to cook, all of these and more are Taurus tasks!

Another simple way to connect with Venus is to paint, print or purchase an image of the love goddess in one of her many forms (Venus, Ishtar, Inanna, Astarte, Aphrodite, Hathor, Isis, Lakshmi) and either place it on your mirror, altar or even make an altar just for her. Offer her sweets and flowers and ask for her blessings through this time.

Venus will be retrograde for part of her reign, and that means cleaning up old wounds, particularly around relationships, body issues, environment and abundance. This is the time to put your focus on the temple around you and within you, tidy it up, decorate and celebrate!


The view on one side of Sky Ranch


The view from the other side of Sky Ranch.

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Gobble Gobble

Today was a great day!

Buck and I spent 5 hours in the kitchen together.  We cooked, we talked, we listened to two episodes of This American Life, as well as plenty of Prince on Pandora.  We wore silly aprons and moved around one another pretty seamlessly as he made 1 pie, 1 cheesecake, and a crisp, while I made 2 side dishes (vegan green bean casserole and cranberry sauce), caramel sauce, and 50 rolls for Gobble Gobble Give.  It was lovely!

Making rolls

Buck in his adorable apron

The beginning

Green Bean Casserole, Apple Rhubarb Crisp, Pie crust waiting for French Sink filling

This morning we went to the farmer’s market in Santa Monica with Wyatt and then braved the afternoon rush of the grocery store on the Thanksgiving Eve in LA.

Tomorrow we will go to the Coffman house to celebrate with our friends.  Annie calls it “Orphan Thanksgiving” and I like that name.  In the morning we will go put some meals together for the homeless through Gobble Gobble Give.  This is our first time volunteering with this organization, but hopefully things are well organized and we can do some good.

Today was also the birthday of my best friend, Kate (yes, also Kate).  Here are some things I love about Kate:

  • She is incredibly kind and generous.
  • She is really pretty, but it’s not something she has to work at.  She doesn’t work out regularly, or wear much make up and yet she is gorgeous!
  • She makes beautiful babies and she shares them with you when you just need some baby snuggle love.

Snuggly Baby Will and I

  • She enjoys the simple things like tea, and a good magazine.
  • She doesn’t watch TV and she’s way behind on her movie viewing, and I think she actually has more brain cells because of it.
  • She laughs at just about anything.  Got a dumb joke?  Tell it to Kate and she’s likely to laugh!
  • The girl can EAT!  And yet she never gains a pound.  And if she did gain a pound, she wold not care in the least.  Because (and here is my very favorite thing)
  • She has her priorities in order.  It’s really admirable.

I miss Kate all the time and wish we lived closer so that we could have tea time in person instead of via phone/skype, but I take what I can get.  Twenty years as BFF and SF does not feel like a long time because you’ve made it so fun.  I love you.

Kate, Steve and Mae at my wedding

Kate, Kate and Some Lady In Background

Darling Reader, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I am thankful for so many things…right now, I am feeling really thankful for your readership. I really enjoy writing this blog and have no idea who actually reads it.  But knowing that people do, and seeing comments come back is really neat.  So, thank you for checking in.  I hope you enjoy the holiday!

I’ll be back with updates on a few births I had, some Diva talk, and more stuff  like that.

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List #14

Are you tired of hearing about how much I love my husband?  Well, TOO BAD because this week’s list is all about him for two reasons:

1.  I totally lurve him


2.  Our third wedding anniversary is today!

So here we go: 

Things I love about Buckler

He walks WITH me.  I stress the “with” because while he does literally WALK with me, my intention behind this line is that he walks WITH me (in life).  I am more of a control freak than he is, and on occasion I will grind to a halt (literally and figuratively) and yell, “Wait, wait, wait- WHAT???” and he’ll have to stop, reassure, and get me back on the track.  And he is SO good at this.

The early days of our journey

The man is a gentle soul.  He is so kind and loving to everyone- even the crapsters that think tipping $4.37 on $75 is acceptable (it’s not).

Even Richard Simmons loves him!

He is talented.  This isn’t WHY I love him, but it is truly awesome to be able to sit in the audience and watch him work.  And I truly love to watch him work.  His love for his art is so clear- it’s exhilarating to witness.  Performing with him is something I miss, but perhaps someday the right roles will come along (and if not, there is always The Goat…)

Buck in Assasins

He loves his family.  Before we were officially dating, I heard Buck tell his dad over the phone that he loved him, and I was floored.  The boys I hung with were “too cool” to say that to their parents, and I fell even more in love with him when I heard those words.

Buck with his brother, Rob, all the nieces, and Peggy!

He’ll try anything!  The boy is always up for an adventure and if it involves cake, he’ll do just about anything.  He is so much fun to be around!

Riding ATV's on our honeymoon

He let me dump tea on his head.   Have I told you this story?  Forgive me if I have…A little while back we were “at odds” and could not get over the great divide of whatever we were arguing about.  I had been drinking tea and it grew cold eventually.  We were sitting quietly and I was trying to think of a way to break past the tension and I imagined myself dumping my mug of tea on his head, and naturally started giggling.  God bless this boy- he let me do it.  And we laughed.  Like, for an hour.  The kind of laughing that is deep and feels so good because you need it so bad.  To this day, when we find ourselves “at odds,” Buck will ask- in a totally serious tone of voice- “Do you need to dump something on my head?”  And I fall deeper in love.

Poor head! (Buck was SUPER sick in this picture)

And the main thing that I love about this guy:  He is true blue.  When you are friends with Buck, you have a friend for life.  Making our wedding guest list was torture because Buck wanted to invite EVERYONE he ever met- and I do mean EVERYONE- because he loves people!  He loves friends!  When he says he is going to do something, he does it.  When you tell him a secret, it’s locked in a vault.  When you need to cry, Buck will listen, make you laugh, and then “hug out the wah’s.”  The man is true to his core and I feel incredibly lucky to have him as my mate.

Buck with Groomsmen

So, Buckler, thank you for being my best friend for 10 years.  Being married to you for the past 3 years has been a dream come true and there is no one I’d rather travel this road with.  You make me feel beautiful and loved in ways I never imagined.

Even when I look like this!

To the moon and back.

Thank you for loving me!

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List #10 (a week late)

Last week was strangely busy, yet unproductive.  I was craving personal contact, and so every time I sat down at my computer, it felt like the enemy- the opposite of the thing I wanted.  So I didn’t get much done, and I certainly didn’t blog.

So, I planned to post both lists 10 and 11 together in one post, but it would be super duper long, and you’d probably get sick of reading.

List #10: My 10 Favorite Spaces and Places (in no particular order)

(this list took me some time because I am really sentimental and I was worried this would make me homesick.  It did, but I got through it)

1.  In bed with my husband  Here are a list of my favorite beds: fancy hotel beds (specifically: the bed at The Conrad Hotel), the first bed we every bought together (a queen Sealy with a pillow top), the bed in Annie’s guest bedroom, and the guest bed at my In Law’s house.  Comfort is really important- more important than space.  We had a full size bed for most of our relationship and I used to joke that we were going to downgrade to a twin so we HAD to snuggle.  Moving up to a Queen changed my mind about that…it’s awesome!

2The Dumich kitchen table  Kate (Dumich) Sollmann has been my best friend since we were 10 years old and her family took me in as one of their own.  Both of my parents worked outside the house, so I spent many days and nights over at the Dumich house, sitting around the kitchen table.  It’s nothing fancy- just a solid wood table with plenty of seating- but it is a lovely, safe place to be.  The kitchen has a half wall that allows you to see into the living room so that everyone can talk and listen.  I always admired the way their family would talk over dinner.  No topic seemed off limits and the debates were always exciting.  I have shared laughter and tears at that table; Kate wrote out all my wedding place cards at that table; together we wrote out all of Amy’s wedding place cards at that table!  It has seen a lot and has been there for me in the same way that family has always been there for me- solid, simple, and not requiring a lot of fuss. 


Kate working on Amy's placecards (what a good friend!)

3.  “The Middle of Nowhere”  When Buck and I stated dating at ISU, there weren’t a TON of options for fun.  We often had to make our own.  On stormy days, we hoped in his car and drove out to the fields to watch.  One day we found this concrete slab on the side of a remote country road.  We jumped out and watched the sunset and stayed up late talking and watching the stars.  We called it “The Middle of Nowhere” and would return to it when we needed some space.  It scared the crap out of me to be in the middle of a field at night, but I think that’s just the city girl in me who has watched too many slasher movies…

4.  Independent coffee shops  Some favorites: Aroma Coffee and Tea Company, Joey’s Cafe, Groundwork Coffee, Intelligentsia.  Okay, I know that last one is not independent, but I love their brew so much…and their cafe’s are always so cool and clean.

5.  The Ostello della Pace  translates to Peace Hostel in Italian, and I stayed there when I backpacked through Italy in 2003.  Located in Assissi, it’s one of my favorite places on this planet for one really simple reason: it was the first time I was fully living in the moment.  I found myself there after meeting a girl (Kristen from Boston) during my travels and we took a train out.  The hostel is made of stone and brick and has really comfortable, affordable rooms.  Our first night there, a few other travelers showed up (Colin from Canada and another guy from Spain), as well as an Italian scouting troop made up of roughly 20 eight year old kids (both boys and girls).  We all became friends and stayed up until the wee hours singing and dancing around a campfire with the scouting troop.  They sang camp songs in Italian and I had no idea what they were saying, but it was bliss.  There was a song about a “kiss train” and all the little boys kissed my cheeks.  I was 21 and alive in my skin for what felt like the first time.  It was very powerful.

6.  Craft rooms  I love all craft rooms.  They make me feel inspired.  Here is a picture of mine:

7.  The radiator in the living room at The Paulina Palace #2A.  Buck and I moved up to Chicago after I graduated and found our perfect apartment in Andersonville.  Buck says I have rose colored glasses now that we don’t live there anymore, but I really did love that place.  In the living room, there is a long radiator, and during the summer months when it was off, I would perch on it and read, or just look out the window onto Paulina Street.  When Buck proposed to me, I was sitting on that radiator (until I tackled him on the floor after saying yes!), and when I got the call that I had been hired to my dream job, I was sitting on that radiator.  It wasn’t super comfortable to sit on, but it was always comforting to be there. 

8.  The Start and Finish lines at a marathon The Chicago Marathon.  The Chicago Marathon changed my life so many times.  It is so empowering to finish a marathon, and if you ever think you may want to do one, call me.  I truly believe that anyone can do it (yes, even you who says “but I only run if someone is chasing me!”) and I love talking about it.  The start and finish lines of the Chicago Marathon in particular are amazing.  When you are at the start line in Chicagoit’s still pretty dark out, the city lights are twinkling, they play inspiring music, and then the National Anthem, and you and the 30,000 runners around you share in the excitement of beginning a race.  The finish line has stands filled with people and a balloon arch and you know that once you cross it, there are likely going to be donuts on the other side.  And you are going to eat them.  A LOT of them.  Cuz you earned it. 

9.  The ocean  I have always been inspired by and terrified of the ocean.  When I am feeling overwhelmed, I like to drive out to the beach (it’s nice that I can do that now that I live in California!) and remind myself that the world is very big and my problems do not have to be. 


10.  CW301  CW stands for Centennial West and 301 is a room in that building, which is located on the campus of Illinois Sate University.  This room housed my first college Acting class (with Kim Pereira), many rehearsals for the Improv Mafia, some Mafia shows, rehearsals for The House of Blue Leaves (one of my favorite roles), and it’s the room I sat outside of listening to Buck rehearse for a play, and where I allowed myself to admit that I loved him.  We weren’t dating yet, you see, and things would be complicated with our group of friends if we did get together.  I would take a walk to the building at night and sit outside on a bench to listen to him in rehearsal and dream about a day when he would tell me he loved me too.  Lucky for me, that day came and we’ve been telling each other that for over 10 years now.


Mafia misfits in CW301 circa 2005

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Friends in Town

July has been pretty awesome so far!

On the 5th Zac got into town to do his thang with the Freedom Writer’s Foundation down in Long Beach, but on the weekends he comes up to stay with us in LA and we do stuff.  He took me to Miceli’s which was awesome and we went back again last night.  If you have one of these near you, go soon.

Last Sunday when Zac went back down to LB, I headed to the airport to pick up Clayton, Angela and Ilyse- their baby girl/our godchild.  This kid is a seriously happy baby and I am in love.  It was super fun to have a baby in the apartment for 6 days because it showed Buck and I that it might be possible for us to have one of those some day…

We did did a lot of fun stuff, which I am going to tell you about in photo form:

The Welcome to LA Poopy!

Almost didn't get back into LA from San Diego

Happy Baby!

Game Day with Daddy and Buck

Angela made me do this...

Beach Beauties

Baldies unite



Brian realizing he is going to lose


Ps: If you are on Instagram, find me so we can share photos!

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Happy 3rd of July!

My friends and I decided to celebrate the 3rd of July together this year so that we can each do what we like on the 4th.  Annie and Josh rent an amazing house in Sherman Oaks and are frequently gracious hosts to our growing group of friends.  They have an awesome backyard with a hammock and a grill and a fire pit (the perfect combination for fun, if you want my opinion).  Andy organized a Ladder Ball tournament that went from 1pm-9pm.  Annie and I were on a team and we managed to play two games that were epically long.  We did not win either of them, but they were really close scores despite the fact that Annie and I are terrible at the game! I made a tomato basil bread salad that needed more juice, but was still tasty.  And vegan brownies that always go fast.

Enjoy some pics:

Katy and Buck in Hammock

The boys trying to rescue a ladder ball


Nom Nom

Our Lovely Host- Annie

Buck + Smore = Happy Boy

Banana Boat: Okay, I know this looks yucky, but hear me out: take a banana, unpeel one section, cut out section of banana, smother section with peanut butter, chocolate and marshmallow, replace peel, wrap in tin foil, place on side of campfire for 10-15 minutes, remove, unwrap, eat inside with spoon, FREAK OUT at how amazing it is!!!

Ending the night with a few rounds of Dominion



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List #2

List #2 coming to you from humid Chicago!




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Finding Bliss

I got a beautiful card in the mail today from my love, Zac, and the front reads:

“It is never too late to be what you might have been” – George Elliot

The inside has all sorts of beautiful words that I am not sure I am worthy of, but I love them.  Zac knows me well and and in the cards he writes, “This time in your life, studying to be a Doula, is the first time I’ve known you to have found your bliss.  The moment I knew it was true?  When you said LA wasn’t so bad because of it.” That part made me giggle a little bit because of it’s truth, and also because it’s such an LA thing to say- and he lives in Philly!  Finding my bliss was not necessarily what I set out to do with this, but it didn’t take long to realize that it was exactly what was happening.

Working with Tara and Steve was a truly wonderful learning experience.  I have many good friends that have become parents over the last four years, and watching them go through pregnancy and become parents has taught me so much.  Each parent I know has such a unique perspective after seeing their child born.  Getting to see the reactions of Tara and Steve as the birth was happening was truly amazing.  I found myself watching them as Caden came out- much the same way I watch the GROOM as the Bride walks down the aisle.  The amazement on their faces was beautiful.  I thought I would cry, but I didn’t.  I couldn’t!  I was…in bliss!

I jokingly told Tara that she was making it look too easy- that I just wanted to run home to my husband and make one of them there babies.  She didn’t believe me, but it’s true!  She put in a solid workday, laboring from 9am-4pm- and was rewarded with the best paycheck.  We worked on her breathing for the majority of the time, and once she found her rhythm, there was no stopping her.

On my way to the hospital I tried to think of encouraging words and phrases to say, but you know what?  I didn’t use any of them.  Instead, I cleared my head and let the moment inspire me.  During one particular contraction, I said to Tara, “Dig in, Dig, Dig, yes- Dig!”  Afterward, I wondered to myself where that came from, and typing it out now it sounds kind of lame.  But in the moment she looked to me like she was digging way down deep inside to find the strength, find the courage, and find her breath, and so I went with it.  I have no idea if it was the “right” thing to say, and normally I worry about that kind of thing, but there was no time.  It was liberating to just let go and speak from my guts.

I want to say this: the placenta is a magical thing.  Ma-gi-CAL!

Tara’s placenta came out about 15 minutes after Caden, which is on the fast side of average.  The nurse put it in a container and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it- it was so beautiful!  Before she took it away, the nurse pulled up the sides of the amniotic sac, which attaches to it, and showed me the two layers.  AH-MAY-ZING.  They looked so soft, yet sturdy- his perfect home for 9 months!  I didn’t expect to be so affected by the placenta of all things, but I find myself so inspired by the way the body just knows what to do for the baby, and how resilient the baby is. If you think about it, there are a lot of traumatic things going on during a birth, yet the baby stays calm while mom works harder than she ever has in her life.

I am forever changed by this experience and I can’t wait to see what kind of little boy Caden grows into.  Tara and Steve are so full of love and care for their new fella and I know that they too have found their bliss in Caden.

Beautiful New Mama

Happy Dad!

Lucky Doula!

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Happy Birthday!

On Friday, May 27th at 3:56pm I watched my friend of over 20 years bravely bring her son, Caden, into the world.  I like to think of it as a birthday for Caden, and my birthday as a Doula!  It was such a blessing to be a part of this amazing process and I am so grateful.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the female body is remarkable and awe-inspiring.

I knew driving to meet Tara and Steve that by the the end of the weekend I would know if being a Doula was the right thing for me.  I felt excited, scared, and anxious.  Will I know what to say when Tara is in pain?  What will I do if there are complications?  Can I remain composed yet still be open to the emotions I am feeling?  The night before her induction, I reviewed my notes like a madwoman, hoping to absorb more information.

I am pleased to report that not only did the birth go very well for all involved, but my desire to doula is stronger than ever.  I learned SO much, and while I know there are lots of things I could have done differently or better, I know that this path is the right one for me.

I am still processing the experience and will have a better update soon.

In the meantime, I am trying to find the right name for my Doula business…it’s like naming a child!   I want it to convey the right message about me, my respect for the process, and yet not be too cheesy or salesmanshippy.  All thoughts and suggestions are welcome!


May 29, 2011. Doula Stuff, Friendship. Leave a comment.

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