List #9

Things I am Looking Forward To

1.  My next birth. And by that I mean the next birth I get to Doula on, although I am also excited to have my own birth experience (someday).  This weekend I was on call to be the back up for a Doula I haven’t met yet, which was a brand new experience for all of us!  We spent a lot of time talking on the phone, texting, and sending good vibes toward one another.  She was back on the scene for the birth yesterday, and I wasn’t able to go support her, but it was nice to know that we were only a text or a phone call away any given point.  Missing out on the birth experience only made me more excited to meet my next mama!

2.  Visit from my In Laws.  I am blessed with having some of the best In Laws ever!  Jan and Dan, my husband’s mom and step dad, are coming out for a visit at the end of October and we are so excited to see them.  We are still forming the list of fun places we want to show them, so if you live in the LA area and want to make suggestions, please do!

3.  Celebrating my 3rd Wedding Anniversary.  Buck and I got married on September 7th, 2008.  In case you are wondering, the wedding gift theme for year 3 is leather.  Being a vegan, I won’t be giving or receiving real leather, and according to Wikipedia there is another, modern gift alternative: glass or crystal.  I tend to like homemade gifts best, but my glass blowing thingie is in the shop…

4.  A visit from my sister Amy (someday!).  Amy got married in June and then took her fancy honeymoon to Mexico, so I don’t expect a trip out to LA anytime soon, but I keep it on my list of things to look forward to!

5.  Getting back into a workout routine.  I love routine.  I thrive BEST when I have a routine and a schedule.  Give me a day with nothing on the schedule and it is likely that 5 hours will be destroyed by Real Housewives of Any City, or whatever else is on Bravo.  This is why I have been attempting to schedule my day hour by hour.  I make a list of what I need to do during the day and then I write out the schedule.  I set an alarm on my phone to tell me when my time is up and I have to move on to the next task.  I even schedule in lunch, cleaning, and reading because they just won’t get done otherwise.  Working out has yet to make it on my list, but I blame the awesome friends I have had visiting in the month of July (and by blame I mean thank).  I’d like my routine to include yoga at least twice a week ($5 yoga with Daniel at the Women’s Club of LA every Monday and Wednesday!), walks in the canyon, and eventually some boxing.

6.  The next time I can get an iced soy vanilla chai latte from Joey’s Cafe.  Dang, I had the BEST chai last week!  I actually do not order chai very often because it doesn’t have espresso in it, and because it’s often too sweet for me.  But last week I stumbled upon Joey’s Cafe on Santa Monica and Sweetzer in West Hollywood while I was waiting for Buck to pick me up.  I ordered the chai and chatted on the phone with Amy.  This chai was Ah-May-ZING!  It has vanilla in it and I think that makes all the difference.  Anyway, I can’t shop thinking about it and trying to plot reasons to go past Joey’s again…

Side note about getting organized: I really like making lists, but I don’t love making them on anything other than paper.  Is that weird?  A million years ago, Kate gave me this awesome note pad:

My favorite notepad

I don’t think the company makes it anymore, so I savor the pages, but they make all sorts of great notepads.  The company is called Knock Knock and I spend a lot of time on their site trying to decide which note pad will replace this one.  Maybe this one or this one.


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