When I was approaching my 6th birthday my parents, knowing they were having a planned caesarean section with the birth of my sister, asked me, “Do you want the baby born the day before, the day of, or the day after your birthday?”  As the story goes, I exclaimed, “I want a baby for my birthday!” and went merrily on my way.

Well, my sister Amy came into the world on May 4th, 1988 and I became a big sister.  I remember being fascinated with her- her tiny fingers and the soft spots on her head that I wasn’t allowed to press on lest she leak her brains all over.  My dad gave me this little container that he got from the hospital that was supposed to tell you what things a baby could choke on.  If the object could fit inside the container, it could fit inside a baby’s windpipe and kill them.  I walked around that house testing everything that wasn’t too heavy for me to pick up, and if it fit in the container, it had to go.

There is a picture of me at the hospital the day Amy was born and I love it.  I will try to scan and post it when I get back to Chicago in a week (!!) because it’s pretty precious.  It’s 6 year old me, sitting in a hospital recliner, feet not touching the ground, holding baby Amy who’s eyes are open and looking up at me.  There is one version where I am looking down at her as if she is the best thing in the world, and one where I am looking at the camera smiling like I won a friggin’ pool party on a hot day.  I think it tells the story of our relationship pretty well.  Amy spent most of her life looking up to me, and now that she’s grown up, I spend most of my days looking at her in adoration.

She really is a cool, cool person with the most beautiful hair and the most contagious laugh you’ve ever heard.  When she laughs her eyes squint up and she makes the most hilarious face and I can’t help but laugh too.  She is one of the few people on the planet that I can be 100% myself around and I know what a treat that is.  She is a kindergarden teacher at the school we grew up in, so that tells you a lot about her heart and breadth of patience.

There are so many great stories to share about Amy…Buckethead Baby…Amy Makes a Sandwich (her film debut)…the time she thought she was a puppy for a week and woke me up every morning with puppy dog kisses (aka: licking my face)…the way she would diligently come into my room at night with a mirror and our “affirmations” when I was battling eating disorder…the silly kisses we made up during her bedtime routine (bumble bee kisses, chicken kisses, bunny kisses, lion kisses, etc)… the notes she wrote to me when I moved away to college…the time she was 11 and I gave her my knife to use after I was done making my PB&J and she said, “I don’t want your sloppy seconds” totally unaware of what that REALLY meant…the time she asked me- at the dinner table- if “oral sex is the same as sex”…Side note: I answered her oral sex question this way (she was 14): “There are 2 reasons to have sex: one is to procreate, and you probably don’t want to do that yet, and the other is for pleasure, and let me assure you that 14 year old boys DO NOT know what they are doing, so don’t even bother.”

I sound like her mom more than her sister, and I think for a long time the roles confused the both of us.  When we were young and our parents worked full time, she came with me everywhere.  I know she thought she was a burden, but I loved it.  I loved growing up with her and I love that we are friends now.

So, Ames, Happy 23rd Birthday!  Cheers to sisters, friends and a lifetime of infectious laughter!  You are the best birthday present I have ever received and I love you.  BBK!

Baby Amy!

My favorites from my wedding

First time drinking together after Amy turned 21 (with older sister Chris!)

Amy and her brother

Sleeping Beauties, as my dad would say

The Kate's and Amy

Safety first!

Penguins work too

Amy supporting me at my 3rd Marathon

The weird/gross thing she does with her neck (Tommy too)

Our favorite face to make!



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